At Njörd, our team of qualified quantity surveyors
work hard to offer estimating services for
Builders, Developers, Sub-contractors
and Clients looking to build or renovate a home

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If you’re a Builder, Developer, Sub-contractor
or looking to renovate or build a new home,
Njörd Quantity Surveying is an easy one-stop shop for all your
measuring and estimating needs.

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Professional Measures

Measurements are industry standard. We use the latest estimating software to produce schedule of quantities that abide with Australian and New Zealand 2018 Building Works.

Preliminary Costing

Njörd provides preliminary costings of residential homes to people who wish to build a new home, or builders who construct many homes.
This service enables the client or builder to quickly estimate how much a project will cost to build in the real world.

Labour Estimates

Njörd offers a labour estimate service to forecast the amount of hours it will take to build your project. This can be useful when cross-checking labour contracts on upcoming projects.

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Before we start measuring we will be in contact to ensure we target exactly what you need.
This ensures a fast, accurate, cost effective estimate.

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What do we do?
Njörd's team of qualified quantity surveyors offers estimating services to contractors and construction companies of all sizes.

By minimising your time estimating and maximising your time doing what you do best, you can enjoy a more profitable and productive business.
How can we help?
Simply send us the project plans explaining what you need measured. We use the latest estimating software to provide you with a concise schedule of quantities.

Once you have our measurements, apply your company rates onto formulated working spreadsheets to calculate the cost of any given project.

Who do we help?
If you’re a Builder, Sub-contractor, Main contractor or Developer, Njord Quantity Surveying is an easy one-stop shop for all your measuring and estimating needs.

We make labour and material estimates easy and stress free.

Quote your next project confidently with Njord Quantity Surveying.